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Cabins and Game Rooms

These buildings are great for extra housing when needed. We have customers who have bought them to live in, use for pool houses, hunting and fishing cabins, stores, businesses and more. These small "houses" come with the option of a loft.

Sizes available: (without a loft) 10x16, 12x20, 12x24, 12x28, 14x24, 14x28, 14x30

Sizes available: (with a loft) 10x20, 12x28, 14x28

12x28 Cabin

Southern Storage Solutions in Dothan, Alabama sells wooden cabins which can be used for hunting and fishng camps, pool houses, shops, storage or small businesses such as restaurants and stores. You may choose your cabin to be built with or without a loft. Southern Storage gives many customization options so you can hav the building YOU want! Our cabins come with wooden swings so that you can enjoy the great evenings in southern Alabama and Georgia or north Florida.

This cabin from Southern Storage Solutions is shown with a loft. You have the option of a loft or no loft. This cabin from Southern Storage Solutions is shown with a loft. You have the option of a loft or no loft.

Choose from cabins with or without a loft


All cabins and mini offices from Southern Storage come with metal exterior doors and deadbolt locks unless specified otherwise by the customer. Storage Solutions' cabin and game rooms are equipped with a metal exterior door complete with a deadbolt lock.


The work out or game room has additional windows for a brighter, airier look and feel.

12x28 Work-Out or Game Room

Sizes available: 12x28, 14x28

This building has two double-insulated windows on the right and left sides which makes for a brighter and airier feel.

Southern Storage has a large building with 5 windows, porch, porch swing and qualty construction if you need another room, pool house, game room, or work out area. The cabins and games rooms come with a deck area on the front that includes a swing.Lots of insulated windows make the game room a great choice from Southern Storage Solutions in the event you need more space. Southern Storage Soultins in Dothan, Alabama can customize any building to your choosing.

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